Flowmarket began its journey by opening a physical store at a design museum in Copenhagen in 2004 to put focus on sustainable innovation. It was build like a white ethereal store with various iconic thought provoking labeled packagings.

The products was categorized after our sustainainability model that focuses on both individual, collective and environmental flow.

The store was suppose to be open for 3 months, but because of its huge audience succes it ended up being on display for 5 years.

The iconic and timeless design has since enabled us to have temporary physical Flowmarket stores opened in Zurich, New York, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore and Seoul.

Along with this we have given speaks around the world about sustainable innovation.

Flowmarket today is focused on contributing to a kinder world through personal development. With products designed for inspirational reflection, quality of life improvement and deeper connections.

Flowmarket has been awarded in Denmark and internationally. Amongst other the Swedish National Museum gave us the honor of implementing a selection of our products in their permanent design archive collection. 

Our onlinestore was launched in 2010 and has since been selling to customers worldwide.