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What is a status symbol?

A status symbol is something that symbolises the social status that a person has or aspires to. Almost everything is suitable as a status symbol, provided that it is attractive, has the ability to cause admiration and envy from others and can help the owners differentiate themselves within their own group or groups of lower social stratification. Status symbols are acquired via status hunting and displayed by people globally across all ages and social groups.

We use status symbols to increase the recognition and validation from others and our sense of value. A built in premise for the gathering of status symbols is the need for upgrading. Status symbols can help us access higher levels in the social hierachies which then will result in the need for gathering of new status symbols to fit these acquired new social status levels.

Examples of status symbols could be: Our pocessions. Our title. Our skills. Our educational background. Our children. Our knowledge.  Our living space. Our popularity and following. Our heritage. Our achievements.  Our spiritual practise.  Our network and connections.  Our access to areas others can´t access. Our travelling. Our friends. Our skills. Our intellect. Or our coolness. 

How and why do we seek social status?
The act of social status seeking involves self-staging and the gathering of status symbols that both makes us a part of “the group” and at the same time differentiates us. Often status symbols are narrowly seen as something to do with money and physical items.

But a status symbol is much more diverse, as it can be practically anything depending on what social groups or "social tribes" we belong too. We each belong to several social groups in our lives. Depending on our jobs, our parenthood, our exercising, our music taste, our family background, our nationality, our political views, our hobbies and much more. 

Within these social groups a common behaviour is to compare ourselves and compete with our peers in order to get acceptance, validation and popularity within the group. A behaviour that creates hierarchies and ignites our hunt for social status points and status symbols. In this iage the hunt for social status via various forms of self-staging is evolving rapidly- and everyone with an internet connection now has the ability to gain followers and social status points via their chosen form of self-staging.

Why are we selling a Status symbol?
We have made the Status symbol to create awareness about the phenomenon of 'social status seeking'. A global phenomenon and behaviour that is practised daily by billions of people all over the world and transcends age, gender, nationality, race and social groups. A behaviour born out of our desire too feel appreciated, validated and connected - but sadly ends up disconnecting us from each other and having deep-reaching consequences on both emotional and physical levels.

The Status symbol is designed to inspire people to think, talk, share and laugh about (their) social status seeking which we hope will lead to a positive transformation of this global phenomenon and connect us rather than disconnect us. To inspire people to connect with heart rather than facade.

Product details:

Luxe black hinged box in faux leather with goldfoil print.

Black velvet interior with a white paper text inlay.

Size: W:9cm - L:9cm - H:4,5cm - Weight:120g.

Designed and made in Denmark.