Sustainability model

What is sustainable development? 

In order to meet the rising demand for sustainable development and innovation we have to be able to navigate within the term sustainablility. Sustainability has often been viewed too narrowly as something to do with green development. For this purpose we created the Sustainability model A template and designmodel that reflects our 3 dimensionel view on creating sustainable development and innovation.

Sustainability? We define sustainability as beneficial & harmonic growth.

In order to understand sustainable development better we have narrowed human relations into these 3 categories:

  • Our relation with ourselves.
  • Our relation with other people. 
  • Our relation with Nature.

On each of these 3 levels imbalances and new challenges occurs as the world develops.

On the individual human level we see physical and mental challenges like e.g. stress, depression, obesity, addictions, lifestyle related diseases and pollution of our bodies.

On the collective level we see challenges like e.g. racism, homophobia, inequality, bullying, conflicts and digital interpersonal disconnection.

On the environmental level we see challenges like e.g. pollution, overconsumption and soil torment.

In this 3 level view lies the key to understanding sustainable development. Creating growth on both the individual, collective and environmental levels. Creating sustainable growth and innovation requires that we first of all take a holistic view and understand that these 3 levels are interconnected.

We then need to focus on what beneficial impacts we can create on each levels. 

Hence we view sustainable development as what is:

  • Good for you
  • Good for others
  • Good for Nature

Good for refers to a mindset about increasing the benefiting instead of minimizing the damages on yourself, others and Nature. 

Striving to create good, benefiting, nourishing, positive aspects on as many levels as possible for both yourself, others and Nature. 

We created this model back in 2006 under the name the FLOWmodel  and since under the name Sustainability model with the hope that it will help and inspire present and future creators, companies and organisations to create sustainable growth and innovation. 

We offer speaks and lectures that go in depth with the innovation possibilities that companies, schools and organization have on each of the 3 levels. The more positive changes you can create on all levels- the more succesful you will become in a consumer market that seeks sustainable innovation.