Flowmarket - About

The stuff that truly matters

We created Flowmarket because we want to contribute to a positive world development. Flowmarket was made to materialise our more intangible and quieter needs in a world where we are more or less constantly bombarded with agendas, new material needs and commercial sales from our surroundings. We wish to inspire people to reflect upon their true needs and remind themselves of what truly matters to them in their life - and spend their energy, time and means on that. 


Daily focus reminders & soul-nourishment

We believe that people´s focus significantly affects their choices and actions and hence their daily life and surroundings. Our products are designed to serve as small positive reminders at home or at work. As daily inspirations and reminders for its owners and their surroundings about their choice of focus and energy spend in their everyday life. Some people refer to our products as nourishment for the soul.


Made in Denmark since 2004

Flowmarket started in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark and is owned by Thomas Tronier and Mads Hagstrøm. We have received some amazing recognitions over the years that we are very thankful for. But what truly matters to us and gives us our drive and passion are the small daily positive effects our products might have in each individuals life. 



From the beginning we have focused on a simple iconic design aestetich. A focus that has made our products timeless and enabled us to successfully cross cultural boundaries. Our online store has customers from all regions of the world and our pop-up stores in Copenhagen, Zurich, New York, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore and Seoul have been embraced with equal passion by our european, american and asian customers. 

Flowmarket ApS (office), Palaegade 6, 1261 Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are a retailer interested in selling Flowmarket products or in collaborating on a pop-up store in your city, please contact us for more information on: wholesale@theflowmarket.com