Be the best version of yourself

We created Flowmarket because we want to contribute to a positive and kinder world development. Flowmarket was made to materialise our more intangible and quieter needs in a world where we are more or less constantly bombarded with agendas, new material needs and commercial sales from our surroundings. We wish to inspire people to reflect upon their true needs and remind themselves of what truly matters to them in their life - and spend their energy, time and means on that. To hopefully inspire people to aspire to be the best versions of themselves.


Bottled pondering

We believe that people´s focus significantly affects their choices and actions and hence their daily life and surroundings. Our products are designed to serve as small inspirations for pondering and self-reflection, for its owners and their surroundings about their choice of focus and energy spend in their everyday life. The bottles are intended to be small sculptural art objects. The liquid is not made for ingestion or injection of any kind.

Timeless design since 2004

Flowmarket was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen, with the intend of contributing to a kinder world. Our simple timeless design aesthetic have enabled us to succes fully cross cultural boundaries. We have online customers from countries all over the world. We have so far had temporary physical Flowmarket stores opened in Copenhagen, Zurich, New York, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei. We are very grateful for all the kind recognitions we have received over the years. E.g when a selection of Flowmarket products was chosen to become a permanent part of the Swedish National Museum's design archives. Or when our collaboration with The Danish Deisgn Centre on a temporary Flowmarket store in Copenhagen was extended from its original lenght of 3 months- to 5 years, because of its audience succes. But what drives us and matters truly to us, is contributing to making the world just a little bit better. By inspiring people to be kind to themselves and others. We are a small independent designstudio and not linked to any religions, organizations or companies. 

Kind regards from Thomas & Mads.