Customized - Clear
Customized - Clear
Customized - Clear

Customized - Clear

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Here you can customize your own Bottled pondering sculpture in various languages and text choices.

Design guidelines:

-You can change the text -not the design of the bottle.

-The wording on the label can be in 1, 2, 3 or 4 lines with each line having  a max. of 15 letters.

- The meaning of the text has to have a positive spirit that matches the Flowmarkets aim to contributing to making the world a kinder place. Before we produce it and deduct any money we evaluate the meaning of the word. If the word is not something we can stand for, we simply cancel the order and send you an email of why, and no money is deducted from your account. Please note we do not produce bottles with company names or logos. 


How to create it step by step:

1) Add this product to your cart.

2) Open your cart and write the desired text in the commentary field called "Special instruction for seller".

3) If you order several pieces and in both clear and rose variant- you add the desired number of products to your cart. Open your cart page and write the desired text for each bottle like this: Title (Clear), Tiltle (Clear), Title (Rose).

4) If you order more than 3 custom pieces and/or with several lines-please write the instructions in an email to us on

We will email you no matter what and confirm your wording before we produce it.


Glass sculpture specs:

Dimensions: Ø:3cm - H:6,2cm - W: 55g 

Colour: Clear 

Bottle: Sturdy glass syringe bottle with rubber plug and aluminium cap.

Designed and handlabeled in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Worldwide shipping with UPS.

Please note this product is i designed to be a sculptural art object. The liquid inside (water) is not for ingestion, injection or use in any way.